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Custom Graphite Products

Graphite Machining

Our technical staff and skilled machinists have years of experience in precision carbon graphite machining resulting in superior products with outstanding performance and exceptionally close tolerances.

Stock Graphite Rods

Pricing for our stock carbon graphite and graphite rods, featuring primarily grades JC3 and JC4. Stock graphite rods available in 12" 24" and 48" lengths. Need something custom? Let us know!

Excess Inventory

See detailed specs on our excess inventory and overstocked carbon graphite materials: Morgan Bearings & Morgan Vanes are currently available for purchase.

Becker Brothers Graphite Corp. is a leading supplier of custom manufactured carbon graphite products, carbon graphite blanks in various stock sizes, and carbon graphite machining services.

With decades of experience and unsurpassed technical know-how, Becker provides the manufacturing and engineering expertise to assure excellent in-service performance for your carbon-graphite product applications. Please visit our entire website for more in-depth information about our carbon graphite products and machining services and contact us today to discuss your project!