Industries Served

Industries Served Nationwide & Around the World

We manufacture to specifications.  If you don’t see what you need, contact our on-site engineers to assist with drawings and product development.


Aluminum Extruders & Molten Aluminum

Run-out plates, flight bars, canisters, sidewalls, special shapes, elements, seals flux/chill tubes.

Cement Companies

Kiln plates, discharge kiln seals, trunnion blocks / rolls, lube blocks.

Compressor Pump Manufacturing

Bearings, bushings, seals, vanes.

Food Industry

Wiper blades, bearings, bushings, seals, vanes, FDA approved materials.


Crucibles, trays, stirring rods, skim blocks, chills, heating elements, flux tubes, degassing tubes, turn table plates.


Plates, supports, electrodes, elements, furnace seals, holders, heat treat.


Plates, supports, electrodes, elements, seals, holders, molds.


Packing assemblies, rings, plates.

Heat Treating

Plates, supports, electrodes, elements, seals, holders, sintering plates, brazing trays, special shapes.


Crucibles, trays, molds.

Molten Metals

Crucibles, molds, trays, seals blocks, stirring rods, plates, joint seals, sidewalls, ladles.

Paper manufacturing

Vanes, seals, lube blocks, trunnion blocks, bushings, bearings.


Cathodic protection.


Anodes, hooks, specialty hooks, baskets.

Steam Heat

Vanes, seals, bearings.

Steel Industry

Tundish gate blocks, discharge kiln seals.

Welding Supply House

Plates, rods, weld plugs, brazing carbons.

Other Products Include:

Shaft seals, rotors, valves seats, thrust washers, brazing fixtures.